NTC & GEOTEL Lanka Has Signed Agreement on International Telecom Services

National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) Pakistan & GEOTEL Lanka have signed an agreement for innovation and mutual collaboration to provided Telecom Services. A ceremony was held at NTC Headquarters Islamabad in this regard. DG Ops Maj Asim Jelani signed the agreement on the behalf of National Telecom Corporation, while cricketer Sanath Jaysuria, MD of the company, has signed on the behalf of GEOTEL Lanka.


GEOTEL Lanka is a famous Sri Lankan Telecom Company, having experience in order to provide quality services to the consumers in the country. Former Legendary Cricketer Sanath Jaysuria is the Managing Director (MD) of the company, leading it in progressive and innovative way.
On the other hand, Government of Pakistan has established National telecommunication Corporation (NTC) in January, 1996 under the Telecom Reorganization Act 1996. The mandate of NTC is to provide ICT service to Federal Government, Armed Forces, Defense Projects, and Provincial Governments and to all Government Institutions autonomous/semi-autonomous bodies etc.

NTC started its operations having limited capacity, but today NTC has developed its own infrastructure to an extent where it can be called an independent IT and Telecom operator meeting the challenges of the deregulated environment. NTC has developed its own infrastructure including Out Side Plant, Optical Fiber based transmission backbone, Multi Services Data Network (MSDN) and expansion of its switching network. The Next Generation Network (NGN) switching and DWDM Transmission system have been deployed and being expanded. Besides Voice and Broadband, NTC has established a secure service Platform for provision of Web Hosting and e-mail services to its designated subscribers. NTC is in the process of upgrading and expanding its existing networks by replacing TDM to IP (NGN) Platform. To improve the efficiency and automate business processes, ERP/SAP solution is under process of implementation and about to complete for enhancement of productivity and transparency in the business processes and activities. NTC has traveled a long way in developing its infrastructure in line with the technological and market trends and is determined to meet its objectives to support the nation and Government of Pakistan.

On the occasion of signing the agreement, speaking to the ceremony, Brig Viqar Rashid Khan, Chairman NTC, welcomed his great guest and elaborated on the close ties of People to People & both the Governments of Sri Lanka & Pakistan. He further highlighted the receptacles to cooperate both of the organizations serving in same nature of domain. He said both the entities can share the expertise and experiences for provision of ICT Quality services. Chairman NTC also requested the respected guest to use NTC’s guest rooms for Sri Lankan Cricket Team to visit Pakistan in the near future.

Expressing his views in the event Sanath Jaysuria, MD of GEOTEL Lanka, especially mentioned the love & affection which has always shown to Sri Lankan Cricket Team & Sri Lankans in Pakistan. He promised to speak to Sri Lankan Cricket Board to send Sri Lankan cricket team to visit Pakistan as security situation in Pakistan is conducive for cricket matches. Sanath Jayasuria is quite happy and satisfied with the kind of security provided to him by Government of Pakistan.


Source: www.ntc.net.pk

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