Google Tributes to Abdul Sattar Eidhi by Special Doodle

(February 28, 2017):- Famous search engine “Google” accolades “Abdul Sattar Eidhi (Late)” on the honor of his beneficiary services for common man. Google set a doodle on its main page to tribute this memorial personality of Pakistan on his 89th birthday.

Here is image of doodle set on Google search engine:

Abdul Sattar Eidhi (late) was born on February 28, 1928, and he is well-known personality throughout the world. He devoted his life for poor and needy people. He build “Eidhi Foundation” in 1951, which is funded by general public. Main services of “Eidhi Foundation” are rescue the abounded women & infants, rehabilitation of victimized and homeless people. Ambulance Service in Pakistan is distinguished deed from Eidhi Foundation, which become now the largest ambulance service in the world.

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