Google Sent Bill of 100K Euros to Spanish 12 Years Old Boy

Jose Javier, 12 years old Spanish boy get bill from Google of 100k euros on usage of AdWords account. Jose signed up this account for making money for uploading his band’s videos on Youtube. But this was all happened mistakenly. Actually, he has to make account of AdSense for earning purpose from Google, by mistake he has made AdWords account, which is used to spend money for Google.

As per report from Spanish daily El Pais, Jose and his friend planned to get rich by earning through his music videos. After creating account of AdWords (instead of AdSense), by early August, Jose received bill of 15 euro in start of September which becomes 19,700 euro within days as company did not received payable amount from the boy. Google’s representative stated that is age restrictions to use AdWords account as well as the other services.

Spanish Laws restrict that only 14 years old can create the Google account, and to use AdSense or AdWords account individual must be 18. However, In the story Jose was using AdWords account in the age of 12 which is quite astonishing. Jose’s mother complained that why it is so easy for her son to make purchases with Google on just providing his saving account information. Anyhow Google has cancelled all the payable amount towards Jose on its service AdWords.

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