DICODA Announces Multi IMSI Sim Card Platform

DICODA announces Multi IMSI Sim Platform

Karachi (Wednesday, September 24th, 2013) – DICODA is telecom solution provider providing services in GSM and VOIP fields.
Now DOCODA has lounched a new project using Multi IMSI Sim Plateform. IMSI is abbriviation of International Mobile Subscriber Identity.

Function of IMSI SIN Card:-

It provides multiple identities on a single SIM card and can automatically switch them when the handset enters a new country. All that process will be so seamless that user will feel any kind of disturbance.

Multi IMSI Sim Card

Multi IMSI Sim Card

IThink of the IMSI as an identity or a number. It means that one SIM card can have multiple identities / numbers. Dicoda offers a Multi IMSI hub that makes it possible to get local pricing if a mobile station is travelling to a connected destination.

Dicoda provides multiple identities on a single SIM card and can automatically switch them when the handset enters a new country. To the user the experience is seamless. The network based intelligent Global Location Register (iGLR) makes sure the users do not notice anything on temporarily ported IMSIs and MSISDNs. Hence, all services like CLI, voicemail, call forwarding, call barring and conferencing will still be available.

Having multiple numbers connected to your SIM can be confusing. Smart CLI means it never is. When you make a call, the person you are calling sees the incoming call as being from the best number for them to call back based on the technical logic of the physical location of you and the caller.
IMSI Roaming Management System
IRMS is at the heart of solutions. it’s our innovative solution in a carrier-grade fully-redundant application. We can bridge different M(V)NOs together in one platfrom to reduce high roaming tarrifs.

All can be done from a standard signaling traffic environment. It incorporates standard elements like MAP, Camel, SS7 and IP. This system will realtime follow and instruct SIM’s for stable worldwide roaming services with sufficient fall back scenarios.
SIM Application Toolkit (STK)
A special STK is required to enable multiple International Mobile Subscriber Identities (IMSIs).  This STK SIM card is marketed and distributed by the home mobile operator at the country of origin, and IMSI switching occurs automatically based on the subscriber’s roaming location. Thi is the heart of the multi IMSI solutions  The IMSI can be operator branded.

The M(V)NO will be responsible for all local traffic. When a Mobile subscriber makes a location update within an external MSC/VLR, they will need to flag this signaling, and forward it to our HLR by a ITP router. Our HLR will recognize the IMSI and will allocate a new temporary IMSI depending on the country the mobile station is located in. Dicoda will activate the original IMSI again when a subscriber is in his home network or any other non-Dicoda network.

Dicoda will be an alternative roaming partner for any M(V)NO.

To realize this Multi IMSI solution uses network elements such as a Home Location Register (HLR),  Visitor Location Register (VLR), Service Control Point (SCP), Short Message Location Center (SMSC) gateway and Billing and Mediation together with a unique logic that supports the management of multiple International Mobile Subscriber Identities (IMSIs). An auto-provisioning process is applied to ensure customer flexibility and complete transparency.

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