Latest Contempt of Court Case Update

Islamabad (June 6, 2017):- Contempt of Court case Crl.O.P:53/2015 (Sadiq Ali vs Waleed Irshaid etc) in Supreme Court of Pakistan which was fixed for today, left over due to prolonged ... Continue Reading →

PTCL Pensioners Court Case Update

Islamabad (May 5, 2017):- The hearing of Review Petitions filed by PTCL/PTET/FOP & Contempt of Court Petition filed by Mr.Sadiq Ali etc, has been fixed for hearing on 09-05-2017 ... Continue Reading →

Appeal for Early Hearing of the PTCL Pensioners Case in SCP

(April 6, 2017):- Mr. Sadiq Ali has submitted application for early hearing of the PTCL Pensioners Case (Crl.O.P: 53/2015) in the Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan. Application submitted ... Continue Reading →