Wi-Tribe Has Launched Wi-Net TV In Pakistan

Wi-Tribe Pakistan has launched Wi Net TV service in Pakistan which offers Pakistani customers over 150 TV channels and smart phone application based live streaming throughout the country.

If one has internet connection, then he can access 150+ digital live Television Channels anywhere and anytime. These high quality live television services are available through Personal Computers, laptops and smart phones. As other TV service providers, Wi Net also offers excellent Video on Demand facility with numerous user friendly built in options.


As previous year, 3G & 4G services launched in Pakistan, streaming media traffic increased massively. Copious mobile users enjoying live streaming content on their smart phones. It is best time to tap the opportunity, this is why that Wi-Tribe step forwarded in the field aiming to catch the business pocket with best services. With no compromise on quality, company claims that it has best services in the area and provides number of high definition channels as compare to its competitors. Wi-Tribe asserted that this service returns maximum value for money paid by users with best interactive user interface and easy to use built in features of the application.

With live TV services, on Wi Net TV, online radio streaming is also available for music lovers. This service is available for all kind of major platforms i.e. Android, IOS, and World Wide Web, means customers may use their smartphones, tablets and personal computer to watch their favorite entertaining contents live or on demand exclusively.

Here are some key features of the Wi Net TV service:

v- No. of Channels: 150

v- Simultaneous number of devices to use: 3

v- Video on Demand: Yes

v- Monthly Fee

Wi-Tribe Users: Rs. 100 PM

Non Wi-Tribe Users: Rs. 100 PM

v- Supported platform: Android, iOS & http

v- Radio Streaming Support: Yes

v- Indian Channels Support: Yes

For more information, to enjoy services or download smart phone applications, click on the following link:




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