Ufone Has Launched His First Smart Watch “UWatch”

Ufone Pakistan, is a leading Telecom Company in Mobile Services, has proudly launched first of its kind product “The UWatch”.  Specially, it is designed for the parents to stay connected with their children during school hours. Company hopes that this marvelous product will bring peace of mind for their valued customers. UWatch will keep families connected wherever they will be, without having smart phones.


UWatch is just like an ordinary wrist watch which is wearable and designed specifically for kids in order for parents to keep in touch with their loved ones. This watch provides two way voice calling facility for example parents can dial into the watch and also the child can dial from the watch to the parent’s mobile number. Moreover, it also provides real-time location capability using GSM and GPS positioning system so that parents can be aware of their child’s location.

UWatch comes with robust parental control system. Parents can control it securely by using the “UWatch App” through a smartphone. This app is available for both both Android and IOS platforms. Through the app, parents can stay connected with their children throughout the day, right from their own mobile device. Whether it’s checking to see that your child has made it home safely from school or calling to let your child know you’re running a few minutes late, the app delivers the connection and peace of mind that every parent desires. With the UWatch app, the parent is always in control. From live monitoring to setting up safe zones, the app provides several ways to customize the UWatch experience for your family. The app provides accurate real-time locations of your child and can also control who your child can call and receive calls from. In addition to that, parents can set up Safe Zones to receive notifications when your child has left or entered certain locations. This device is designed with three decent colors having stylish look.

Uwatch color

“At Ufone, we maintain an unwavering focus on our customers’ needs and convenience with innovation being at the forefront of everything we do. The UWatch is a prime example of that as it offers a very unique and innovate way of keeping families connected,” said Taimur Faiz Cheema, Ufone’s General Manager Marketing. “We are proud to be the first telecom company in Pakistan to launch a breakthrough product like the UWatch and we are confident this will bring some much needed relief to the parents.”

The UWatch will have a BVS registered SIM in it through which all the communication will take place. The parent SIM will also be BVS registered and will be used in the mobile phone in which the app will be installed. The UWatch is now available for purchase from Ufone Service Centers in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

Specs Summary:
Network Supported GSM
Voice Calling Two Way Phone to Watch and vice versa, Emergency Fast Dialing
Location Monitoring Real Time by using GPS & GSM
Safe Zone Available
Location History Record/Playback
Parental Control Available via UWatch App
SIM Status BVS Registered
Colors Black, Cyan, Pink
Battery Backup up to 2 days
Price Rs. 6999
Remote Function On/Off
Features Water Resistant, Time, Date, Alarm

Here is Dailymotion video regarding the product


Source: www.ufone.com

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