Storm Fiber Launched FTTH: 30 Mbps Just For Rs. 3,999/-

Karachi (August 18, 2016):- Storm Fiber offered FTTH broadband Internet and Television solution. Storm Fiber is a Cybernet company, which is leading corporate Internet Service Provider. Storm Fiber launched most reliable fiber to the home connection to provide what consumers expect from Home Based Service.

Quality of Service is a major difference between Storm Fiber FTTH and ordinary copper or wireless broadband connection, which creates unpredictable behavior due to variations in speed and interruptions of connectivity.  This fiber based technology brings reliability, higher data rates on affordable prices.

Although 3G and 4G deployed in the country by mobile operators but that is not feasible for heavy data volume consuming customers. So FTTH is the best solutions for the people needs higher data rates with reliability. Initially, Storm Fiber offered this service in Karachi and Lahore only, company says that it will extend services to other cities very soon.

As well as introductory prices of the offer is concerned, company is providing 30 Mbps data rate at just 3,999 Rupees only, which is unlimited connection, means customers can enjoy downloads and uploads for the whole month without any usage calculations. Further there are one time charges of Rs. 12000 as price of Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)/Modem.

Here is detail of packages offered:

  1. Triple Thunder

Bundle Price:           Rs. 3,999/-

Data Rate:                30 Mbps

Download Speed:   30 Mbps

Upload Speed:        30 Mbps

One time Charges: Rs. 12000/-

Services:                    Internet, TV, Phone

  1. Triple Blizzard

Bundle Price:           Rs. 2,999/-

Data Rate:                20 Mbps

Download Speed:   20 Mbps

Upload Speed:        20 Mbps

One time Charges: Rs. 12,000/-

Services:                    Internet, TV, Phone

    3.Triple Typhoon

Bundle Price:           Rs. 1,999/-

Data Rate:                10 Mbps

Download Speed:   10 Mbps

Upload Speed:        10 Mbps

One time Charges: Rs. 12,000/-

Services:                    Internet, TV, Phone


For order booking and information regarding packages and coverage area, please dial following telephone numbers

Lahore:- 042 –   111-178-676

Karachi:- 021 –   111-178-676

Here are some areas covered by Storm Fiber at present.

  1. Lahore 

Eden Canal Villas, New Muslim Town, PCSIR Phase 1

New Garden Town, Usman block, Ali block, Ahmed block, Abu Bakr block,

Johar Town (Block G1, G2, G3)

  1. Karachi

DHA Phase 2, Phase 2-Extension, Phase 4, Phase 5, Phase 6, Phase 7, Phase 7-Extension, Clifton (Block 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8), Generals Colony, Naval Housing Society, Civil Lines, Ocean Mall.


Here is webpage of Storm Fiber for further details and queries:

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