National Telecom Corporation (NTC) offered Smart Phone Application “Go Smart” for its designated customers with the aim of freedom for clients to use Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) services over mobile phones. Online order booking portal is available for its designated customers where any of the government subscribers having services from National Telecommunication Corporation i.e. telephone numbers with “92” or “992” prefix can place an order for NTC’s Smart Phone Application “Go Smart”.

Go Smart mobile application provides mobility function to NTC customers and allow to use the fixed line services through mobile application over the Internet. Go Smart will provide value added features like Audio & video Conferencing, text messaging and data sharing like text, images and videos etc.

If you are NTC’s customer i.e. have official telecom services from NTC, and want to experience the pioneering opportunity of keeping up yourself with innovative trends, here is procedure for getting Go Smart service from NTC

  1. Customer of National Telecommunication Corporation (Having Telephone No. with 92xx prefix) will submit request online by filling order booking form available here.
  2. Order form contains basic profile of applicant, billing details, NTC Telephone number, on which service is required.
  3. On submission of request for service activation, system will generate unique tracking ID, that will be used for order tracking and online information processing.
  4. Applicant’s account will be activated according to the information provided in order booking form.
  5. Access password of account will be sent to applicant’s email address /sms to mobile number provided.
  6. Intimation will be sent to customer that he or she can download the “Go Smart” application from play store.
  7. Service will be activated within 24 hours after downloading / installation the app on smart phone. User will confirm the activation accordingly.
  8. User will pay the monthly bill included against telephone number mentioned by the customer in order booking form.
  9. In case, Deactivation/closing of NTC “Go Smart” service, user will send request to respective NTC office in-charge.


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