Broadband QOS Survey For 2017

Islamabad (February 19, 2018):- Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has conducted a survey on broadband services being provided in Pakistan by different operators. The survey has been done at all the major cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Quetta, Multan, Muzaffarabad and Gilgit. The data is collected from the operators providing broadband services at aforesaid cities.

List of Broadband Operators (Wired Network):

Here is the list of companies which were examined during survey for wired network:

  1. Eureka Net
  2. Cyber Internet Services
  3. Fiber Link
  4. Fariya Network
  6. Leo Net
  7. NetSol Connect
  8. NTC
  9. PTCL
  10. Connect Com
  11. WorldCall
  12. NayaTel
  13. SkyTelecom
  14. SCO


List of Broadband Operators (Wireless Network):

Following are the companies from which data is collected for wireless network:

  1. Qubee
  2. Wi-Tribe
  3. PTCL (Wireless)
  4. Geo Net
  5. Wi-Cloud
  6. Wateen


Criteria for Assessment: To assess the quality of service being provided by broadband operators following parameters were examined:

i). Technical: In technical parameters following KPIs were calculated on the basis of collected data:

  1. Network Availability
  2. Link Speed
  3. Service availability
  4. Retain ability
  5. Download Speed
  6. Upload Speed
  7. Round Trip Time (RTT)
  8. Jitter
  9. Packet Loss

ii). Non-Technical: In this category following KPIs were calculated on the basis of collected data:

  1. Billing Complaints
  2. Non-Billing Complaints
  3. Removal Time of complaints



Findings/Conclusion: as per PTA findings different operators graded separately for wired & wireless network, and all the result concluded separately for cities where the survey was conducted. Here are the results in form of graphical charts:














According to the indicated results, PTCL & NTC remains consistent in competition for wired network, while Qubee, Wi-Tribe & PTCL holds the superior quality standards in this specific area of services.

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