5G Roll-out in India: Expectations, Objectives

(April 3, 2018):- The telecom sector in India is expected to have dramatic changes over coming months, especially with the introduction of 5G technology. Aruna Sundararajan, the telecom secretary, said recently that the government was working with all stakeholders to ensure that India appears as a top 5G player in the world. “A high level forum on 5G, which includes global and industry experts has already initiated work and done a reasonable amount of deliberation.” She said recently. “By June, India will have a full road map ready on this.” The top telecom officials believes that the 5G technology to boost new services, new industries, various forms of mobile devices and also enable new user experiences. “We will soon see a transformation in the way we live due to 5G and I am glad that India is at the forefront of this change.” She added.

The department of telecommunication will also come out with a road map for the adoption of 5G mobiles in just two months. Of course, 5G roll-out in India is not expected before 2020. 5G technology which is named as “industrial internet” is expected to vividly change the economy. India has been slow in adopting to the new technology, with countries like US, China, South Korea & Australia leap-frogging ahead.

Telecom Industry sources pointed out that China had last year finalized spectrum bands for trial run in 5G. The country is expected to rollout 5G by early next year. The Indian Govt. has also started tuning spectrum for 5G services which after being rolled out would ensure download speed of 1000 Mbps on mobile devices.

Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha notes India is keen to team up with other countries for adopting new technological developments including 5G. The telecom sector in India has grown impressively in recent years. This has also enticed increasing foreign direct investments into the sector.

According to govt. figures, FDI equity inflow into telecom touched $6.08bn in the first half of the fiscal (April-September 2017), more than four time than the sector witnessed in fiscal 2015-16 and 10 percent more than in 2016-17. With the expected development of 5G technology, the sector will continue to flourish in a country where just 20 years ago most people had to wait decades to get a phone connection.


Written by: Anand kumar, Mumbai


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